Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Judge's Ruling: Donald J. Miod's expert testimony "flawed in many respects"

My forensic accountant, Ron Anfuso lectured me on his role in a trial.  An expert witness is only allowed to assist the court or jury on an expert opinion in valuation. The expert witness is never supposed to advocate for the client that hired them.  

So I was just blown away when I heard testimony of Forensic Accountant Donald J. Miod and Steven B. Garelick were the forensic accountants who testified on behalf of Marci Kington.  According to court papers, Miod and Company billed her about $200,000 for their accounting work.

Attached HERE is the trial transcript from Donald Miod, CPA.  

In Mr. Miod's testimony, he is giving his opinion as to why the garyfong.com domain name is worth nearly two million dollars.  The basic theory is that we were one of the pioneers of website traffic:

This is Judge Juhas' ruling:

Casey Olsen has been a trial attorney for nearly 30 years.  He opined that the theory proposed by Mr. Miod was one of the silliest he's ever heard, and I agree!

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